Direct involvement in planning, design and implementation of Multi-Family projects up to a value of $38M.

Our team has been responsible for overseeing all aspects of development of Multi-Family sites from pre-acquisition through to completion of a substantial portfolio. Within the process of any project, our team will collaborate with multiple consulting firms, local municipalities, and contractors. This happens simultaneously while continuing to push projects from vision to planning to contract and ultimately to planned execution. Our responsibilities have included working with our clients to draft a letter of intent and/or purchase agreement, creating and presenting the proposed project performa and budget, drafting a preliminary site plan, and working through a multitude of other elements necessary to see a project receive municipal approvals. From that point, we are ready to begin the implementation through project management of all site improvements (grading, underground utilities, roadworks, etc.) and building construction. Our leadership within each project will conclude when the project and final sign off have been completed from a municipal and condominium board perspective. Our portfolio of experience has consisted of many projects with a count of 2400 units with a retail value of over $650M. This includes projects at various stages of planning, development and construction with product types that include duplex, townhome, stacked townhome, and apartments.

Multi-Family Projects

Belgravia Apartments

Multi Family
Edmonton AB

Fletcher House

Residential Condominium,
Grande Prairie, AB

Callaghan Ravines

Residential Condominium
Edmonton, AB